Call of Oberon

Previously on Call of Oberon...

Session 1 Summary

The adventure began in a tavern called the Beetle and Raven in Stillhall. They arrived in the town after being asked to find the source of the missing persons issue in the area, and solve said issues.

Eirwen and Ava questioned Glarft the Goblin about the missing persons. They realize that Glarft may be hiding something about it. As they press her harder about this, she collapses, and wakes up with no memory of what just transpired.

Isuliaidd tried to steal a harp from the local bard, and was subsequently dragged outside for a fight. They fled from this fight.

Satou tried to (unsuccessfully) flirt with Fiona the bartender, and subsequently went out to watch the fight between Isu and Johnathan the bard. This led to him receiving a long sales pitch from the local general store owner.

Eirwen and Ava help a orange hooded person (who is EXTREMELY drunk) walk, and ask to talk to her. They agree to go to set up camp in the nearby woods, and rally the party to gather there.

As Ava and Eirwen tried to prevent the hooded Mage of Everfire from having a terrible hangover, Isu stared at a tree, and Satou went to investigate the source of a noise he heard.

We last left off as Satou faced down two wolves and a dire wolf…


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